Can I run WeeWX in Docker on Hassio?

WeeWX is an open source weather software. I’d like to use it to intercept the WeatherUnderground updates from my weather station base unit, then sent it to HA through MQTT.

Running HA 0.92.2 on Hassio, running in a Docker under Ubuntu Server 18.04. I installed the Portainer add-on. This is on a NUC. I’m new to Docker and not very experienced with Linux, but am of course willing to learn.

How about these steps?

  1. Install the WeeWX docker image using Portainer.
  2. Install interceptor driver and MQTT extension for WeeWX.
  3. Redirect traffic directed at Weather Underground to the NUC.

Does this seem right and possible?

Edit: apparently this post was flagged by multiple people and temporarily hidden. The message says it’s recommended to review the suggestions given by forum members. I don’t know what is wrong with my question, would appreciate feedback about this.

This does not appear very friendly, flagging a post without any comment as to why?

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You are really asking if you can run it in a Docker container on Ubuntu on a NUC.

Nothing in that affects the Hassio containers.

Okay, so when I install the docker image using the Portainer add-on, that is a plausible route?

Looking for some pointers if possible.

Apparently this post was flagged by multiple people and temporarily hidden. The message says it’s recommended to review the suggestions given by forum members. I don’t know what is wrong with my question, would appreciate feedback about this.

This does not appear very friendly, flagging a post without any comment as to why?

I agree. Not sure why, maybe the topic it’s in “HassIO” isnt right and it would be better off in “uncategorized”? Maybe it was because it looks like you are asking for docker support, or WeeWX support on the HomeAssistant Forum?

To answer your question though, HassIO is just a set of docker containers. As such, you are free to install any other docker containers you want as well. The limitations are down to the capability of the machine you are running it on, and be sure not to use containers that would conflict with HomeAssistant (IE port conflicts).

Using Portainer is the easiest way to do it. This isnt a portainer forum, so IDK how in depth we can explain how to use it, but im sure if you are running into a simple problem you can post it and hope for advice.

As for adding WeeWX itself, shouldnt be a problem as far as I can see with HassIO. If you are running into portainer issues, or issues with WeeWX nobody here can provide dedicated support (as they have their own forums I’m sure.).

I’m running a few other docker containers for various services (Ombi, DeepStack, etc) on my HassIO box without any problem.

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Thanks for your reply. Surely you are right about the impression the question makes.

I’ll just give it a go.

I agree with @Silicon_Avatar. I’m running several other containers alongside on my Ubuntu machine, but I installed WeeWX natively because I didn’t think to look for a Docker container. As long as you can get to the config directory (/etc/weewx in the native installation), it should work fine. I configured it with MQTT to send data to Mosquitto (via the add-on) on and it’s working great. Get ready to make a lot of template sensors :slight_smile:


Please can anyone describe, how to install weewx docker using Portainer add-on in Im new in dockers and Im unable to instal this docker :frowning:

Heads up!
I’ve got a hassio plugin I’ve been creating for weewx.

It contains:

  • base weewx
  • rtl-433 driver here
  • mqtt driver here
  • influxDB output here

I’m also trying to work on pulling barometric data from one of my sensors in deconz add-on because the WH1080 radio data doesn’t contain it.

Who is interested in testing it? The overall reports are generated without issue from inside the add-on and I expose a base HTTP port to read the static directory.

@radekD @Emphyrio


Great to hear! Does it perhaps also contain the interceptor driver? I don’t have a radio for rtl433.

Not yet, should I just shove it into /usr/share/weewx/user and the user sort it out?
On first run it copies the default weewx.conf and weewx.sdb into /config/weewx

Meaning on a standard install the volume is persistent and available at:
Non-standard installs will vary where hassio config is stored.

Once it’s been run you can edit the config as per normal vs VS-code or samba add-on.
If you have any other thoughts please let me know.
It will currently be setup for RTL-433 as a default but you can wipe the config anyway. Later I may change it to a simulator.

I am interested, where can I find the repository to install the addon?

I’ll have to create a repo structure. I’ll do that over the next day or two.

Could you list any plugins that you require baked into the docker image (URLs if they are obscure please).

I’ll post the repo details here once created.


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Thanks, I don’t know about plugins that I need, my station it’s a wh2650A wifi :thinking:

It’s like a restaurant :slight_smile: Interceptor driver and MQTT please!

Thanks, looks like you need interceptor

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Thanks to you

Hi all,
Here’s a rough version, which we can make polished by testing:

Please add the following repository to your HassIO supervisor:

Documentation is currently not written yet so please ignore what’s written but I will get to it soon.

There’s many plugins available, but you should edit the config yourself to enable which ones you want, the default station is set to simulator.

Verified working station types:

  • SDR
  • Simulator (well, obviously)

If you overwrite your own config please pay attentions to the SQLite folder and possibly skins location.

I have never used the interceptor driver before @Emphyrio but I followed the guide to install dependencies, if anything is missing please post back here or even raise an issue it Gitlab.
I understand it has two modes, one requiring fairly elevated privileges - I am unsure if that would even make sense on a docker image unless it is host_mode networking but I will leave to you!

Eventually I’ll migrate into the main community add-ons once we reach stability, with your help :slight_smile:

I presume you all have a recent version of the supervisor as it requires local building - version 208 and above If I recall correctly, given we are on 226 shouldn’t be an issue.

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thanks for the work, but a fool like me doesn’t know what to add in the configuration

You can edit the config with the VS code or samba plugin. It’s under homeassistant/weeex

What’s your current config? Generally the only section you’ll need are station type, driver (interceptor) and maybe the report config