Can I use a RasPi 3A+

I am trying for days to install the OS on a Raspberry 3A+
but not succeed so far. Is this RasPi too weak?

I use a USB to LAN dongle which shows up the setup page in my browser one time but is not working stabil. Next time boot up is hanging

I used the RasPi Imager on a W7-PC to write the SD-card and I used a USB 2 LAN dongle to get the RasPi connected to my LAN. Never the less until now I have no stable system. 2 of 3 tries to boot up fails and if you try to set up any 3rd party component the system crashes. I guess too less RAM …

Working fine on a 3B but it is also 1Gb of RAM.

I had this working stable. However the performance wasn’t what it should be.
When you attach a screen over hdmi. Do you see any message?

make sure you select the Raspberry 3 image.

The GitHub issue linked above gives the details, however the HASS installation instructions should be more specific than “Raspberry Pi 3 is ok too”.

The RPi3A+ has 512Mb of RAM. HASOS has a realistic minimum requirement of 1Gb of RAM, and really needs 2Gb+.

Trying to run on a RPi3A+ will only burn a hole in your storage as HASS will continuously swap memory to disk.

yes of course that’s what I did

yes, this is the message I see

Can you upload your sd content or give ma a link to your version, thanks?

Had, as in past tense.
Now I’ve upgraded since I was not happy with the performance.
Screen seems to be ok. However I see haos 10. And a lot of people experience issues with that. Not booting, crashing, sudden high memory and cpu usage.
All those people restored a backup with haos 9.5.
Not sure if you can find an older image?
Also. If you have not that much memory sometimes a 32bit Os is more stable.

thank you for your hint to use vrsion 9.5 32bit.
Found theses older versions here

short feedback: Version 9.5 32bit works fine with my RasPi 3A+
thanks a lot …

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