Can no longer link Google Assistant

Any update for this issue? Still not working for me.

@ngankl79 most of us got it fixed by latest Home Assistant updates.

If that is not your case then use what another user did (saw it on GitHub).

Create a new Google project from scratch.

I know it suxx, but it worked.

I just created a new google project from scratch and still got the same result where the [test]HA can’t be reached… I added the description, the logo, the privacy doc… Nothing helps…

If you follow the instructions of the Google Assistant integration step-by-step thoroughly it HAS to work.

I just found out there was a region rule on my cloudflare configuration that blocked the traffic from Google. Solved allowing it from there!

what is supposed to come up if we go to those pages? I am having problems trying to troubleshoot getting this setup.

I just found this solution today.
The solution doesn’t work immediately.
Is it possible that Google first checks the application before releasing it? I got the following answer.
project-id submitted for review
Version 1 of project-id has been submitted for review for Closed Beta by [email protected], and will be evaluated according to our guidelines.

This process can take up to 3 business days. You shall receive an email once the review is complete. Actions with specific complex features (Smart home setup, transactions including both physical and digital transactions, reservations, account linking, and banking) go through a more extensive set of verifications, which may take longer to complete. You can also track the status of your review in the Actions Console.


The Actions on Google Team
The description still doesn’t mention these points. I searched and searched until I found your solution.
Thank you

I have this same issue, but it seems a bit strange

I add my project to google home, i get to login to homeassistant, and then when it says linking … i eventually get an error saying cannot reach.

I have tried filling in all developer options, does anyone have any other ideas?

did you create a draft version? You have to wait for approval!

Do you need to create a release?

It says release is active and review is not requested

I get error 404 when trying to synchronize. The description says that the trial version is not active. With the browser on the Google server error 407 wrong method. I’m waiting for my approval.

If i look at the deployments

i see its deployed

But i cannot link it, it fails saying it cannot reach…

I’ve even tried removing it and recreating it

Interestingly both old and new are showing :
textPayload: “SYNC: Request ID 1033542564668582666 update devices failed: CANCELLED”

in the google console logs

No, unfortunately not.


Two weeks ago I ran into the same problem:
Relinking my GoogleAssistant failed after unlinking (before it worked for 3 months without problems).
Problem occured after correct homeassistant login screen and message “[test] … sucessfully y linked” then I got error message “could not reach homeassistant [test]. Try again later”.

My domain with ssl-certificate was working properly,
also credentials at or were correct.
Sync my devices in app or voice-command result in an error, too.
Neither clearíng app-cache or uninstalling App helped.
Nor using GoogleHome-App from another (not home) network.

I found MY SOLUTION here (last hint at the bottom of the page):
If you’re having trouble linking your account, with the error message Could not update the setting. Please check your connection after logging into your Home Assistant instance, try setting expose_by_default: false then exposing a single simple device (light or switch preferably). It is also worth checking if any home ad blocker is disabled if you are having issues."

  1. Change configuration.yaml and expose only one entity.
  2. Restart Homeassistant
  3. In GoogleHomeApp Settings>Services>AddDevices: Link “[test] Homeassistant”
  4. Only your exposed Entity is shown
  5. Change configuration.yaml and set expose_by_default to true.
  6. In GoogleHomeApp Settings>Services>AddDevices: Longpress on Link “[test] Homeassistant” then select search for new devices.
  7. All entities are shown again in GoogleHome.
# Example configuration.yaml entry with only one entity exposed.
  project_id: YOUR_PROJECT_ID
  service_account: !include SERVICE_ACCOUNT.JSON
  report_state: true
  expose_by_default: false
	  expose: true
      room: "LIVING_ROOM"
# Example configuration.yaml entry with all entities exposed.
  project_id: YOUR_PROJECT_ID
  service_account: !include SERVICE_ACCOUNT.JSON
  report_state: true
  expose_by_default: true

Problem solved. “ Manual setup (if you don’t have Home Assistant Cloud)” Google Assistant without Nabu Cloud works.

My problem was Duckdns related to my internet provider.
The ip4 address is just a nat address. This causes Google to try to access my HA via the ip4 address. I could try my luck, but then there was no response from Google.

The solution was incredibly simple. The ip4 on Duckdns was deleted and an automatic update was prevented.

It’s been running for 2 days without any problems. But now I have 2 new ones  My VPN WireGuard® is causing problems. The IP4 is gone and will probably have to display it again for the Fritzbox. And on Google I get:

Add capabilities
Seamless Setup Support local query
not selected.

But I’ll find that too. It doesn’t work, it doesn’t exist.