Can not log with Linky

I got a Linky smart electric meter and I added the new component linky: in my configuration.yaml file. I created my account at ENEDIS and used the same username and password , but at reboot of my hassio, I always have the followinf error message

Login error: Please check your username/password.
22:49 components/sensor/ (ERROR)

I’m 100% sure of my username and password. Does anybody have the same problem ?

Same for me here.

Same here as well, I changed it 3 times and it still doesn’t work.

This issue is unfortunatly still present. Can we have someone supporting to solve this issue?

still not working

Maybe a enedis maintenance or web page change. I suggest you to create an issue in GitHub

Ok all is working now, Enedis is very often in maintenance

I have the same problem

Do you need to turn on something in your Enedis account because I tried for 2 days to log-in via home assistant and it’s not working? but I can access my enedis account and see the data.
Any idea why this is happening?

Same issue here, impossible to add the linky account, from configuration.yaml or the interface

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Same issue here today. I can access my enedis account too

Salut les gars :wave: !

I developed the Linky component.

Some issues have been created to the HA GitHub repository, this is where we should post issues, I’m very active there.

Unfortunately Enedis changed its API recently and the library owner didn’t took care of changes yet, see

I’ll updated the Linky HA integration ASAP the library get fixed.

The thing I don’t understand is that it’s working perfectly for me !

A bientôt :wink:


same here, it seems to work for me too


Same problem for me, login failed.

Is the fix provided by pyLinky works for this issue ?


Hi everyone !

To keeping you up to date : I’m working on a fix but it’s longer that expected (and also sorry I paused the fix a bit to work on other integrations).

See details here :

Thanks for the work, keep us up to date