Can only turn on and off LG tv in HomeKit using Home Assistant


After adding the following configuration so my LG TV appears as TV in HomeKit, i can only turn ON and OFF the TV. Also the Input List is empty:


    device_class: tv

And homeKit configuration.yaml:

  name: TV
    - feature: on_off
    - feature: toggle_mute
    - feature: play_pause
    - feature: play_stop

Is this behaviour expected or I am missing something?


I don’t see any documentation on homekit supporting media_players. What component are you using for the media player.

  - platform: webostv
      service: wake_on_lan.send_magic_packet
        mac: "xxxxxxxxxx"
        - youtube
        - netflix

According to this page:

there are even a specific features for Television Kind of Media Player

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Does your source list appear in Home Assistant on that media player?

Does your source list appear in Home Assistant on that media player?

Yes, with those items i configured in configuration.yaml.

The link you provided is for homekit voice. Also, the media player section specifically says it only works with 4 services:

Oh okay got it.

But still is expected my input list to be empty?

I also don’t see the options to mute the mute the TV. Do you know by any chance what would be the voice commands to select input source or change the volume?

The input list shouldn’t be empty but you said it was working when I asked here and you responded.

It was working in Home Assistant, but not appearing in Home App.

The voice commands aren’t supported, that’s what the documentation is saying…

(string)(Required)Name of the feature to add to the entity representation. Valid features are on_off, play_pause, play_stop and toggle_mute. The media_player entity must support the feature to be valid.

Input list works intermittently for me. Volume controls is a problem for Apple: only works on the mini remote on the iOS control center (using device volume controls) -> super weird.

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It may be a timing issue. I use the Sony Bravia TV component which works perfect within HA, but the inputs would not show in HomeKit. I had to disable HomeKit autostart and then made an automation to start HomeKit after 2 minutes. Which gave the component time to load all the media player inputs. They now show and work perfectly from within HomeKit and the Television.

Thanks for the input. I will give it a try and feedback here for future reference. :+1:

Weird, but that did the

Can you load with Sony Bravia component apps like Netflix or hbo? I can only see tv channels at sources.

Can someone help me? How can I see my LG TV on Homekit? I used the new HA configuration:


     host: # match with IP address of your TV
     name: LG TV
       service: wake_on_lan.send_magic_packet
         mac: "XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX"
         - LiveTV
         - Apple TV
         - Youtube
         - Netflix

it’s data, not date


Thanks…but that’s not the problem. I can see the TV on HA but not in Home app :frowning:

In customize.yaml add:

  device_class: tv

Now I need to know how to manage volume and channels

Me too… I really need volume control from HomeKit. I just don’t know the reason why I can control the volume from within the lovelace card but not from HomeKit as those two are using the same media_player entity.

I have the Monoprice multizone whole home audio and I can’t control the volume from HomeKit. I have switched the device_class to TV and now I can select the input, but still no volume control. Anything I’m missing?