Can smart switches be used with smart light bulbs?

Can I use smart switch (Sonoff TX) with smart light bulbs (Aqara/Yeelight)?

What I mean is, when the relay from the smart switch is off, the smart light bulbs doesn’t have power.

Is there some workaraound, or I’m missing something?

You need to bypass the power to the bulb so it is always powered. The switch will work merely as a button that will trigger automations on HA to turn light on/off.

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What about when somehow HA is down?

Then you are screwed

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I know a lot of people use smart bulbs but why.?
They are a LOT more expensive than a plain dimmable bulb.
They last about the same length of time (more complicated so probably a bit less)
When one does go (look at MTBF figures) you have to pair them rather than just get one out of a box
How family friendly (WAF included) is that ?
Tradfri tend to come on at power up, a LOT of lights on whilst you are on holiday following a power cut.

A smart switch : -
Wired directly in circuit (anyone standing by the switch can operate it)
Dumb (cheap) bulbs
No need to pair, set brightness levels, set in scene’s (high WAF factor)
Can be controlled from ha directly for use in automations/occupancy/interactions
No need to dig out a phone or a remote for basic use

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The simple answer: Colors and Color Temperature.

But I agree that smart switches are just simpler to set, to use and much less prone to failure.

I know what you mean, my wife has dictated that any bulb will be warm white only.
If I want colour then I use an LED strip via an RGBW controller. Some of those ONLY have virtual switches but NONE of the primary use (living, moving about the house) bulbs do.