Smart Switch with Smart Bulbs?

I see a lot of posts like this one that question why someone wants to use Smart Switches with smart bulbs. The short answer is color and color temperature.

With that out of the way, what are the best switches knowing that I’ll just be bypassing the power and using them just as a switch to trigger HA? Should I be worried about lag?

I was looking at the TP-Link switches but am open to any switch that will work with with HA and do what I want.

EDIT: I should mention that this is a large setup. about 175 smart bulbs in a home with 8 bed, 9 bath and typical shared room locations. Not sure if that changes the situation.

Generally what you want is to setup say shelly or other relays behind the switches you like the design with in a decoupled mode, this will allow the physical switch to control the on off state of the light but not disable power to the smart lighting that needs it.

I’m not sure if there is a smart switch that has the option to be setup in decoupled mode directly other than the remote style ones.

This is one of the videos that can explain setup options:

I second the recommendation of Shelly devices installed behind whatever switch you like. Mine have been rock solid. Though they are wifi, so if you have as many as it sounds, you’ll definitely want to invest in a quality wifi infrastructure such as Ubiquiti.

One benefit of the Shelly approach is that it would be relatively simple (i.e., configuration, not hardware change) to restore any desired switch to it’s normal “control the power” function if/when desired… such as when you decide to sell the house.

(Also - spend the few extra bucks and get the UL certified Shelly’s.)

Thanks for the video, I’ll watch it and report back. If I start with smart bulbs and go later to the smart switch option, will I have any issues? I’m thinking that some bulbs blink when you first plug them in for example or have delays when they are powered off. Perhaps I won’t have that issue?

As long as you leave the switch on until you setup a decoupled setup you have less issues, some smart bulbs after being off for a set time will go back into paring mode.

The Shelly device looks great. I assume if I have a 4 way box for 4 switches that I can have a “Shelly 4” that will allow me to manage all these from that single box vs 4x1 switches?

They also seem to have a 3 way that will work with a 3 way setup for a set of lights?

Most will have 2 SW inputs so you would need 1 for every 2 switches where you want to setup.


this model has 2 SW inputs.

From the catalogue the i4 would be best for 4 button setups:

This is how I did it: Smart bulb with Smart Relay - #10 by rssorensen