Can’t get HA running on Mojave

After struggling to get Python updated (as per recent requirements) on my Pi 3b+, I realized that I had other tasks that could be managed by a more powerful machine and bought a Mac mini (time machine, media & Spotify servers, NAS, and so on). On Mojave fresh out of the box, I enabled SSH and VNC, installed Homebrew, brewed Python 3.7.4, and followed the official guide to install on Mac OS, which is dead simple: create a VENV and install. I did NOT create a homeassistant user in the OS because: 1) it wasn’t in the instructions and 2) I never understood the necessity for that anyway. I have these issues:

  • if I run the autostart script as per I receive the error below, and it doesn’t start up. Deleting the plist file and very liberal permissions to that file path changed nothing.
Home Assistant has been installed.         Open it here: http://localhost:8123
/Users/fmon/Library/LaunchAgents/org.homeassistant.plist: Operation not permitted
  • If I run HA in a shell, without changing anything in the stock config folder, the initial onboarding screen will come up in a browser. However, copying over my config folder from the pi breaks startup, and I can’t find a log file to troubleshoot either in the config folder nor in ~/library/logs (there’s one there, but it’s 3 days old).

Thanks in advance for any help here.

Figured all this out, see here: