Can the sonoff rf bridge work with these devices?

i have these devices:

neither my rf bridge(tasmota) or my rm pro can read the code from the remotes.
i suspect they use that “rolling code” thing.
i looked for info couldn’t find any.

According to the specs the curtain switch operates at 868Mhz, that is not going to work with a 433Mhz hub.

thank you, what about the other ones?
i also have this one:

You could try this, then see if the RF bridge recognises you switch.

Or see here.

Hope this helps.

thanks but as i mentioned im already using tasmota.

Have you tried Tasmota with Portisch?

no, as i understood you need to flash the efm8bb1 chip for that to work right?

Correct. Then you stand a better chance of reading in the RF codes using the rfraw Tasmota command.

Trust this helps you.

i did it, the instructions made it look far scarier then it really is.
you don’t need to cut the traces if you power the board from the ftdi.
i tried with this switch:

and i get a raw code, i will see if can replicate it when i get home.
i will also check with the other devices and report back if anyone is interested.
thanks for the help.

it looks like these switches create a very short pulse that the sonoff just ignores.
i opened the kinetic switch and connected a battery to the power terminals and i did managed to get a code but couldn’t replicate it to control the relay.

Hi frend! With what parameters did you manage to intercept this signal? When I connect power to the pins, I get a key press. I am using the Portish firmware. It’s sniffing with command RfRaw 177?

P.S. I am from russia and i use google translator. sorry

I have a number of these

work GOOD

thank you, but my swich have on baterry. It’s problem to detect signal

Hi, did you make any progress with the kinetic switch? could you replicate the code? Thanks

Anyone managed to get a code from a kinectic switch ?
I got this one : Aliexpress kinectic switch

I have Sonoff rf bridge flashed with Portisch, but I can’t snif out any response in RFRAW 177, even doing several clicks in a short time to get the minimum 5 pulse.

Next stop, RTL-SDR. Meanwhile if someone had a better experience with this switches, let me know, changing batteries around the house should be a thing of the past :slight_smile:

I have just tried to sniff the code from a Delta brand kinetic door bell with RTL_433 and got nothing at all.

I did get a response from a Sonoff remote keyfob plus some temperature sensors and my weather station but not the things I was hoping would work like the door bell and my Zemismart blind motor.

I think I will have a go at loading the portish firmware on an RF Bridge and if that doesn’t work I’ll look at putting an Esp module in the receiver unit of the door bell.


Never got a kinetic switch to work, not with a sonoff rf bridge, not with a rflink. :frowning:

The ones that I have tested generate a short signal in time, I got the digoo sd10 to work with this version of rcswitch.
Unfortunately I had also to remove the other protocols into the library to have it works.

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Finally I got something, with the RTL-SDR and I am getting consistant codes from all kinds of kinectic switches. Got it using universal radio hacker.

Next step will be to use another SDR reading software capable of sending these codes via MQTT continuously. I think this will be a significant improvement to any zigbee dependent smart home, no more battery changing and no more re-pairing of zigbee switches every other month.