Can you flash Tasmota firmware to Sonoff TX series WiFi wall switches?

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I’m considering buying one of these Sonoff TX switches (specifically, model T2, US standard, 3 gang)

But I’m hesitated because the TX model is not listed in the supported devices of Tasmota:

nor can I find it in the Tasmota Device Templates:

All the information I can find is regarding the T1 model. I’m wondering if T1 configuration can be applied to T2 because their appearances are quite similar.

Has anyone successfully flashed Tasmota to these Sonoff TX switches and connected them to HA? What template should be used? Thank you in advance.

Dont know

but I have put tasmota on these
here is how i did it

Thank you! I hope I can flash T2 switches as you did. But I’m really worried that it might fail, especially when I haven’t heard anyone successfully done it yet…:cold_sweat:

Snap drzzz just did the TX video just watch it I’m have just brought 2 of them


I have flashed T1,T2, and T3 - no problem using traditional method.

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Thanks for the information! Just watched the video and can’t wait to make my purchase.

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Thank you for sharing! That’s good news! I dare to buy mine now.

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go for it mate

have on or the older ones and it has not let me down even when HA was offline still work

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any updates? Did you get it working on your eu version?

Yeah, it works with eu version. But how to config double press to control two relays with one button?