Cannot Connect new Devices to conbee II Stick

Hello Guys

I have an issue. I have my HA on a Raspy 5 and use a Dresden Electronics ConBee II Zigbee Coordinator. I just use the Zigbee Integration.

I added 24 Devices and this worked just fine. After this I had trouble registering more devices, but somehow I could do it. But it didn’t refresh for more than 24 Devices. So I found out there is a limit to how many Zigbee devices I can connect directly.

So I ordered a Zigbee Repeater to add more devices. But I needed to clear some space for the repeaters, that’s why I deleted 4 Aqara Window Sensors. But I wanted to try if I can connect new devices again, since now the limit should be okay (less than 20 devices connected at the moment).

But I cannot find any new devices. No factory new ones, no devices I had previously connected and then deleted (so reconnection not possible) and also I cannot find my repeaters. Just no device found. And that’s a problem because I cannot add my devices and repeaters now. In the log, it shows nothing (it’s empty).

Does anyone have an idea why this is the case and how I can fix it. I googled already a lot, but I cannot find a good solution. A lot of people have quite complex setups with containers and deconz. But I don’t understand why you would do it so complex

Anyway, I wish you a nice day, and thanks in advance for all replies!

To me something else is going wrong in your network. Conbee II should support 200+ devices and if there are additional routers (repeaters) whole Zigbee network can support 65000 devices easily. I personally have now 90+ devices also connected via Conbee II and deconz integration, no additional repeaters and everything works flawlesly. Please note that most of mains powered devices (bulbs, smart plugs, etc) works as repeaters, so unless very specific case (large area to be covered or extremely high number of battery powered connected devices) there is no need for dedicated repeaters.
Have you checked this post? It provides comprehensive guidance to troubleshooting Zigbee network.

Thanks a lot for the response!
I read, that it’s only supported up to 24 Devices with ZHA.

Not sure where you found this 24 devices limit. Read this post in particular, that gives more in depth explanation on limits. So this is not network limit. I do not use ZHA, but I’d be surprised if it would have such limit:

Rwad the whole ZHA integation documentation and you see that is not a limit, however you are going to need to add more Zigbee Router devices to increase the total amount of devices you can add

Also read and follow this

Hey, thanks for the response.
I found the 24 devices limit without any repeater for the ConBee II Stick. With repeaters, it’s much, much more. But without, it seems like there can be only 24 active connection.

I asked a new question with more detailed information. If you are interested or maybe even have some idea on what’s wrong, I would be more than happy to head your thoughts:

Have a nice Day :slight_smile:

Hey Hedda

Thanks for the response. I re-asked the question with some more information. Maybe you have an idea what’s wrong with my current setup?
Would be more than happy hearing your ideas :slight_smile:
Have a good one

You are going to need to add more Zigbee Router devices before troubleshooting any futher, even if that means that you first have to unjoin:remove a few Zigbee End Devices and join/add them back later. Start by reading and try to follow all the best practice tips in this guide first, if you do then your problems will likley go away or the problem symtoms will become clearer as remove low hangibg fruit issues:

Sure, I will try. But I am just not sure how or what devices. I use hue bulbs for all my house, but I don’t want to connect them via ZigBee. The Hue hub is really reliable since years, and we have some feller switches and I need to reconnect them all.
I already ordered another hub, but it cannot be paired (maybe same issue as the other devices).

So you have any idea what device I could use as a good repeater? Because behind all Power plugs I already have Shelly’s (so plugs don’t make sense), lamps I don’t want to change.

The guide covers that, so read it.

Sure, I will this evening. I am at work right now. But thanks a lot for your help!

I have read the guide and I also ordered an Aotec Zigbee repeater. But I cannot connect it with my ConBee 2.

It should join/pair with ConBee and work regardless if using the ZHA integration, Zigbee2MQTT, or deCONZ.

Be sure update ConBee firmware and use a USB extension cable to it via a USB 2.0 port to avoid interference.

Again, you might first need to remove a few other Zigbee devices in exceeded maximum or direct connect devices.


Now, you mentioned USB 2.0. I had my old stick plugged in the USB 2.0 Post and now my new one in the 3.1 port. Why should I use the 2.0?
Also, I ordered a USB 3.1 Extension cable, but It’s shielded to avoid interferences.
So my questions now are:

  1. Is it okay to use the 3.1 port or better 2.0
  2. Is it okay to use a 3.1 shielded extension cable?

I didn’t think about this, but why is it a problem?

Also, another question:
Do you know how I can update my ConBee III stick within ZHA? Do I have to use the command shell in HA?

Thanks a lot for your time and help! i hope i can fix it soon :slight_smile:

USB2 is preferred

I think you need to do it outside HA

Thanks a lot for the response :slight_smile:

But the USB 3.1 Shielded extension cable is okay?

Does not hurt, so yes.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Connecting with a USB 3.0 extension cable to a USB 3.x port can cause EMI interference, (and worse is having other USB 3.x devices close to the Zigbee radio).

It is ok to use USB 3.x cable to a USB 2.0 port, but not OK to use it with a USB 3.0 port. If only have a USB 3.x port then must use a USB 2.0 cable or a USB 2.0 hub so that the port get used as a USB 2.0 port.

That is all covered by the guide (in detail and with references). The point with with me writing that guide is so that it does not have to be explained seperatly to each person individually :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Please read the guide and only ask about stuff not covered by it if possible.

Thanks for the response. I read the Guide before, it’s an excellent Guide.
But I didn’t catch on the USB stuff, I didn’t think much of it because I was pretty sure that i replugged it into the 2.0 Port. Only after checking it again when you mentioned it, I found out that’s not the case.
I will try asap at home. Sadly, I am now in the holidays for a week, so I can only test it in a few days.

But thank you all for the help, much appreciated!