Cannot get Hive to work

I have been struggling, unsuccessfully, to integrate my Hive devices into HA. I have used HACS to install the Hive Custom Component but when I go to Configuration – Integrations and click + to add integration Hive is not listed. I have restarted Home Assistant and have tried rebooting the RasPi as well.

Can anyone see where I’m going wrong? Am I missing out on something that’s not obvious to me? Is there something that the Hive integration depends on that I have not installed/configured?
Configuration.yaml hive section is very simple, only the hive username and password are listed.

Only the beta version works at the moment AFAIK - did you select that ? You also don’t need anything in configuration.yaml as it should prompt you for your credentials. There’s much more about this in this (long) thread - Hive Integration

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Thanks, that got it working, although I have lost all my dashboards?