Can't access website from egypt

Hi there,
a few months ago I had to rebuild my home assistant instance due to a zigbee problem. Once i deleted the vm and created a new one it was stuck on the preparing home assistant screen. I have done my research and found out that I can’t access the website from any isp from my phone and home network and therefore the instance the same. After a week or so suddenly I was able to access the website again. Now a few months later the problem has occurred again. I can’t update nor can I install any new plugins. Any help would be appreciated.
Just to clarify I am accessing the forum through a vpn.

I have home assistant running on an esxi 6.7 host.
Omar El tohamy

Seems to be a recurring problem. See here:

Yes, it happened to me too while trying to access from Egypt today. To fix it I had to use VPN.

Disappointing experience. I hope Home Assistant team can do something about it.