Can't access my SD card after flashing HASSOS

Hello All! Greetings!

I’m new here and this is my very first post.
I have RPi5 and 64GB class 10 SD card. My system is running Windows11.

My problem:
After I flashed HA OS on my SD card, I can’t see my SD card in my windows explorer. I can see it using device management, but its no where seen in windows explorer. I used the RPi Imager for flashing my SD card. Is this behavior normal?

Also, the tutorial here says I need to plug in the ethernet cable once I get everything ready to my RPi, is there any way this can be done thru Wifi?

Thanks in advance!

The HAOS SD card can be read on Windows using Linux Reader

I would highly recommend connecting to Ethernet instead of wifi. But if you search these forums you will find instructions on how to setup wifi.

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Hey Max! thanks for your reply. I’m so glad to have my first reply on my very first post here.

Can you point me to some of the posts where I can see how to setup the HASSOS with wifi, please?

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Hey Max! I got the HASSOS up and running on my RPi5. I took your advice preferred to stay on the wired connection.

As I proceeded, I faced some new problems in here. I also created a new topic on the forum about it. Please have a look and I would love to have your suggestions on it as well.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: