Can't activate all alarms through HADashboard?

So I started using the great alarm panel by @gazoscalvertos and since I also use HADashboard, arming it is convenient since we have a tablet by our door.

The problem is when arming the alarm through the panel in Home Assistant, it also arms all other alarms to the same state called which is great but if I arm it though HADashboard, it only arms the alarm panel configured keeping all my other alarms in the disarmed state. I could create an automation that listens to a state change but was wondering if that was done by design or a bug?


HADashboard was designed to work with the HASS alarm component, I wasn’t aware of this one! As far as i know the HASS completely next only supports 1 alarm.

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can you tell me how you did it?

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If I understood your question correctly, I simply edited this automation to call my other alarm components:

- id: alarm_armed_away
  alias: '[Alarm] Away Mode Armed'
  - platform: state
    to: 'armed_away'

- service: alarm_control_panel.alarm_arm_away 
  entity_id: alarm_control_panel.MY_ALARM_GOES_HERE
  - data:
      message: 'Alarm Away Mode Armed'
      target: email/[email protected]
    service: notify.pushbullet
  - data:
      message: 'The house alarm has been switched on in away mode. Goodbye'
    service: notify.example_phone_tts

Hi am running @gazoscalvertos Alarm and arming / disarm his alarm through HADashboard is fine, with no issues.

    widget_type: alarm
    title: Alarm Panel & Status
    title_style: "color: rgb(255,255,255);font-size: 100%;"
    state_style: "color: rgb(0,170,255); font-size: 200%;"
    panel_background_style: "color: rgb(0,170,255);"
    panel_button_style: "color: rgb(255,255,255);"

Yes now I understand better how the alarm widget works and the entity:

IS it possible to change the background colour depending on the status (like red when is triggered)?

I don’t believe so. I simply use lights, notifications and a siren for when the alarm is triggered.

may I know why you have more then one alarm system, isn’t it better to have all sensors/devices under one alarm?

The other ones are Arlo camera and a Canary Security camera. Both show up as an alarm system.