Can't add HACS integration

Please help! I’m new to HA and having a lot of trouble. I have HA Green and am 3 days in.

I’ve downloaded HACS successfully. Restarted HA. Cleared cache in Chrome, HACS shows up in integrations but when I follow the instructions and tick all the boxes, I get the error: could not authenticate with GitHub, try again later.

The issue is potentially related to these two posts: post 1 and post 2, but I can’t figure it out.

Re: post 1 - Ctrl-F5 doesn’t do anything because I’m on a mac.
Re: post 2 - the very lengthy solution here is well beyond my capabilities

Any help you can provide to an exasperated new user would be greatly appreciated… I just want Adaptive Lighting!!

Many thanks

I resolved this issue on my system by:

  1. Setting a static IP for HA
  2. Restarting HA via Developer Tools, clearing the cache on my browser on all instances of the app (ie laptop and phone), closing down HA app on laptop and phone and then retrying on laptop.
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