Can't Change Brightness/Color in Light Group

I’m currently using LIFX bulbs. My question is why is it that I cannot change the brightness and color/color temperature?

For whatever I do, when I move the brightness slider in the light group, close the more info card, and reopen it back up, the brightness slider returns to where it was. I click in the group name with two LIFX lamps and changed the color temperature but once I reopen the light group, it returned to where it was before.

And also, how do I set the color temperature or color using REST when I call the group/turn_on service and POST JSON data containing my light group?

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Did you ever figure this out? I added my lights (one zwave dimmer, one LIFX) to a group and now when I click on them the brightness/color sliders are MIA.

It’s been too long since I started my thread, but I suppose this video could be of help. At one time, the lights won’t change, but recently, it does. Could this video be of help? I want to keep it to one thread instead of starting a new one.