Can't connect to local IP or HA local

Last week I switched my router to a T-mobile gateway router and have ran into a few issues.
Mainly, my HA is down.

Right now I have a keyboard monitor plugged into my rpi4 running the HA cli so I can see my banner that shows my IPv4 address for eth0: and the system health is good host/os/supervisor are connected.

However, refuses to connect with or without 8123 along with http://homeassistant.local/

I have a previous post that explains my path a bit more to this post here (T-Mobile Home Internet Gateway) but now the main problem is even after I do a fresh install, the snapshot that is restored still brings me to this issue at hand.

I can do a fresh install and run HA at http://homeassistant.local/ or without a snapshot so maybe it’s possible to make this work with a partial snapshot?
My previous setup used a static IP with port forwarding but this new router doesn’t allow port forwarding so I’m thinking this is the root of the problem.

Before you switched the router, were you using the duckdns add-on?

So why open a new topic rather than updating the old post?

There are a bunch of people who are actively trying to help in the old topic that would be notified of your latest post. Here they might not.

Also, no that is not your problem. Port forwarding will only affect your external access. You should still be able to connect when on the local network.

If you set up duckdns for external access you should be using https not http. You will also have to add a security exception in your web browser when prompted.

Yes! Why is this important?

I posted here because the question is different now. Before I couldn’t find my rpi4 on my network, this question deals with connecting to the IP.

Thank you for your help! Thanks to you I was able to connect to my IP. Appreciate it

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thank you!