Can't fix configuration because can't find config folder

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Since I updated HA the UI isn’t starting anymore.

The config check says:

Error: Testing configutation at /config
Warning: ... 'base_url' deprecated ...
Failed config
   General Errors:
       - Component error: home_assistant - Integration 'home_assistant' not found.
Successful config (partial)

So now I want to check for my configs but I can’t find any of them. Not in the default locations I got from other threads at least.

Plase help. Thank you!

This depends entirely on the method you used to install home assistant. Which you have not yet told us.

Oh yeah sorry, I used the HA image for the Pi 4.

And how are you accessing the config, SSH?

No I can’t connect via SSH I plug in a keyboard.

Then you are in the host system and have to access the docker container containing home assistant. I’m not entirely sure how to do this but found this post: