Can't get HACS to install -

Trying to install HACS - following the install instructions but
wget -O - | bash -
only seems to download “index.html” - can’t see anything like the outputs in other topics on the subject.

New to all this and don’t know what to try to diagnose/fix.

HAOS on Rasbperry Pi 4 - installed following standard instructions. Terminal and SSH Add-0n installed and working - using Putty on PC to talk to pi. (Struggling to copy to or from the Add-on webui on Homeassistant itself hence the screenshot)

Where am I going wrong? Thanks

If I try the same command again I get

[core-ssh ~]$ wget -o - | bash -
Connecting to (
Connecting to (
wget: can’t open ‘index.html’: File exists
[core-ssh ~]$

Seems to have downloaded something that looks like a ‘batch’ file but isn’t running it?

Ran the index.html file using source index.html

Output as follows - seemed to work…

…but still no HACS showing up in integrations

[core-ssh ~]$ source index.html
INFO: Trying to find the correct directory…
INFO: Found Home Assistant configuration directory at ‘/root/config’
INFO: Creating custom_components directory…
INFO: Changing to the custom_components directory…
INFO: Downloading HACS
Connecting to (
Connecting to (
Connecting to (
saving to ‘’ 100% |*******************************************************************************| 1964k 0:00:00 ETA
‘’ saved
INFO: Creating HACS directory…
INFO: Unpacking HACS…
INFO: Removing HACS zip file…
INFO: Installation complete.

INFO: Remember to restart Home Assistant before you configure it
[core-ssh custom_components]$ ls
[core-ssh custom_components]$

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OK fixed. Clearing browser cache in Chrome does not do the job

Ctrl-F5 does do the job

Can’t help thinking this could all be easier/better documented.

I was having the same issue until I realized the HACS page advises to use “” but it should be “”. I cleared cache until the cows came home, but I knew the install part didn’t look right.

I’m facing the same problem.
I executed the job wget -0 | bash -
But the program also stops at index.html saved.

unfortunately when I run your suggested code
wget -q -O - | bash - it says:


“can’t open ‘’: file exists”

Any ideas?

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Sorry for delayed response, been away.

I’m no expert but that ‘Can’t open message’ means you already have on your disc.

So I think there’s two possibilities:

  1. the file has been downloaded but not ‘installed’ - I’d find it, delete it and try again.
  2. It’s a browser caching issue - in Chrome I needed CTRL F5 to make HACS appear.

Don’t forget to restart HA.

Good luck

Don’t think you want the ‘-O’ option. You want ‘wget | bash -’. This command will just output the file to stdout which gets passed to bash. A ‘man wget’ will tell you all you need to know (plus a lot more).

Upon new install of HA, I have the same issue. None of the suggested solutions seem to work. Using any command, I get the same response:
wget -q -O - | bash -
wget: can’t open ‘index.html’ : File exists

Reloading the page, clearing the cache does not help. It seems it downloaded this ‘index.html’, and now, it’s interfering with the install process. How can I find this file and delete it? What is the download folder on a Virtual Linux Machine used for HA?

P.S. I powered the Virtual Machine completely. Started it anew, and copy pasted the command into the terminal window using CTRL+SHIFT+V:

wget -O - | bash -

And the installation went on as usual.

For anyone on this thread the correct command syntax to install HACS is:

wget -O - | bash -

O is letter O (capital O, not 0 or o).

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When I try to install openSSH according to the instructions (Download | HACS) I get a message like this when I press open web ui.
What am I doing wrong.

Help please anyone

I’ve downloaded everything and have it appear

When I click on it I just get this

And then when I click on the I just get

I’m a complete noob like 2 days old. How do I get to this page

Click in the red circle or type something in the search bar.

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Thanks for this