Can't get Zwave JS UI Addon working

I just set up HA OS. I got Zwave working through the Zwave JS Addon, but I want the additional features of the Zwave JS UI. I installed it, and stopped the Zwave JS Addon, and started the ZUI. When I add the device (/dev/ttyACM0) and hit Save, it says “Driver: Failed to open the serial port: Error Resource temporarily unavailable Cannot lock port (ZW0100)”.

I didn’t add the security keys, but I don’t think that’s the problem.

Help, please?

The error you noted indicates either the on board ZWaveJS was not disabled or you have the wrong serial port specified.

Also the keys will cause you an issue you’ll need to fix that.

Did you follow freshcoast’guide for migrating to JS UI? (if not I strongly recommend it)

(im mobile can someone paste the link?)

Id follow the guide through verifying the steps and at the end you should find what you might be missing.

Follow either of these to switch:

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Thanks, folks. I misunderstood the part about disabling the integration (step 1!). Once I did that, the hub was accessible through ZUI. Cheers!

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