Cant' set temperature with card using KNX


I’m trying to get rid of my 1Home-System. So far I set up Home Assistant for the first time and I’m very excited about everything is working with an ease!

There’s just one thing: Home Assistant does not set the temperature via KNX. Read ist fine, write just won’t work.

Here’s what I have in config:

  - name: "Wohnzimmer Heizung"
    temperature_address: "2/1/0"
    target_temperature_state_address: "2/2/0"
    temperature_step: 1.0

I do not have access to the KNX-System directly. All information I do have comes out of the 1Home setup (used the .knxproj file there). Using 1Home connected to HomeKit works fine.

Setting the temperature using the dev-tool (set value for entity) also works. But I cannot change temperature using the card or Apple-HomeApp.

Any help very appreciated! Thanks in advance.

You are probably missing target_temperature_address. Nothing is ever sent to a *_state_address.
Unfortunately temperature_address is one too, but misses the “state” prefix for historical reasons. It is used for the current temperature.

See the Knx documentation for detailed key descriptions.

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Hi Matthias!

That’s it! I tried a thousand things – but that’s it! It works!!

Thank you very, very much! Great support! YOU MADE MY DAY!

Best regards

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