Card-mod cam picture rotation doesn't stick on iPadOS companion app

With card-mod I successfully rotated my security cam image:

  style: |        
    transform: rotate(-90deg);        

This is working fine on my desktop webbrowser and my mobile phone companion app (iOS 17)
Unfortunately it doesn’t work in the companion app on my tablet (iPadOS 17)

Anyone familiar with this strange behaviour?

(It does work for a a little while on my iPad when I press ‘edit’ and ‘save’ on the picture-entity card, upon reopening the app it’s often back to it’s original position without the rotation)

After the following changes the rotation stays put, I still need to reproduce and figure out which of the following changes made the difference.
Probably the !important addition?

  style: |
    ha-card {
    height: 320px !important;
    transform: rotate(-90deg) !important;  
    position: relative !important; left: 20%;
    } ```

You can add changes one by one & see.
Suggest to ask card-mod related questions in the dedicated card-mod thread instead of creating a new one.