Card size in love lace

Looking to reduce the size of a couple of cards example this one
Where would like 4 in the same space
Is this possible?

, I also have 4 ip cameras which would be nice to do to as well

If you put them in a horizontal or vertical stack they will shrink to fit the space.


Might have posted twice , the back end stuff find easy but this front end stuff eludes me at the moment , here is my dash board in edit mode, could you explain a little more

It looks as if you have a selection of separate cards. You can get a bit more control over the layout and size of the cards by using a vertical stack card and making each layer a horizontal stack of cards. This creates a grid and the more cards you put in each horizontal row, the smaller they will be.

Hard to describe clearly - here’s an example:

This is a single vertical stack card. It contains three horizontal stack cards. The top horizontal stack contains two weather forecast cards, taking up half a row each. The next row is a horizontal stack of four cards so they are smaller, taking up a quarter of the row each. The more cards you put in each row the smaller they will be.

This grid approach has the advantage that it can be displayed in panel mode, filling the whole width of the screen.

It’s a bit fiddly, but the results are neater and more controllable than the normal dashboard screen.

Thanks so much
Once I figured out it was a card called vertical
Then easy enough
But there all the same size it did not shrink them
Is there something else I need to do
As I do not need the temp of all the rooms in 5cm sq each where 4 in the same 5cm sq box world be sweet

It’s the horizontal stacks that shrink the cards to a proportion of the screen with. I don’t think you can do much about the depth of a card.

Have you seen this post?

It’s an add-on which seems to allow you to position and size cards on a dashboard much more naturally. I’ve only had a quick play, but it’s looking promising. The background doesn’t have to be pink!

That looks awesome
Just need to be out of pre beta
To use in my main smart mirror