Casting Alarm Panel to Nest Hub

Hello all. First topic for me since I’ve looked everywhere and haven’t been able to find a definitive answer to my question.

I’m in the process of switching from my Vivint (bleh) alarm panel to a full Konnected setup using a Nest Hub as the main keypad. All works from my testing with the demo alarm panel, but one issue I’m having is finding a way to get the panel to resize.

Right now the panel is tiny. Buttons are also tiny. While it works, the WAF isn’t that high in its current state.

I know a lot of folks use a tablet for this function, but I’m not leaning toward that simply because this device works very well with my Nest doorbell while automatically reverting back to the alarm panel without any interaction from a person. Very nice so far.

Restarting the server also doesn’t interfere with the cast connection so this is very close to the perfect solution.

I’ve tried card-mod and have gotten some parts to change font size and the like, but it doesn’t change on the Nest Hub. Am I missing something or is this on purpose?

Was wondering if you found a solution to scale up the alarm panel , ihave the same setup…

I ended up using a custom panel from Bwalarm, but it needs to be updated in order to show the panel.

I also used a node-red panel, but it won’t cast. It’s annoying, but it works currently.

I’m starting creating a custom card for Alarmo, a project of mine.
I will take the Lovelace Alarm Panel card as a starting point but add some extra stuff.
Such as customisable buttons, but also showing countdown for leave/entry and notifications of wrong code entered etc.
I also intend to use it for casting to my Nest Hub (I don’t like the google UI or the Lovelace card for it).
If any of you are interested, let me know your wishes for the card (preferably in the Alarmo thread), I can take it into account in the development.

Any progress? Your project sounded very interesting :relaxed:

I do have a nest hub and I am willing to try making the card suitable for it.
The issue is that I do not know how to cast to the device. I have been trying with catt (I don’t use nabu casa) but probably I did something wrong cause it doesn’t work for me.
I might give it a try again next weekend…

I already did.
With command:

catt -d "Living Room display" cast_site

I am able to cast the view to the nest hub.
All looks&works pretty much as expected, though some texts might be a bit small.

Is there any specific issue with the card that you’re running into?

Can you try doing that via HAcast? Do you use nabu casa?

I am, and this is what happens when I try to cast my alarmo lovelace view. The alarmo card is the only thing in this view. I’ve updated to the most recent version of the integration and the card.

There are many reports of HA cast not working well for custom cards. E.g. This one.
As long as the HA dev team does not provide a clear guide/documentation on rules for compatibility, I have no idea how to help you.
I am not a Nabu casa / HA cast user myself.
Catt seems to work so there is little ground to suspect either the alarmo-card or the nest hub OS for the failure, it’s the glue in between.

Hmm. Ok, well I found catt, but can’t seem to get it installed. I may just be able to use it if I can get it installed on my VM.

That might be the solution.