Casting to Google Nest Hub from local network

I have tried to cast to my Google Nest Hub without luck.
If I understand casting correctly, I need to have a https connection up and running for this to work.

My setup is a Raspberry Pi3 with hassbian 0.100.3 installed and I’m running it on my local network (no exposure to the internet).

Here is what I have done (I’m totally new to this SSL stuff so bear with me if I have done this all wrong :slight_smile:).

I followed this guide to generate self signed certificates and configure http in configuration.yaml

I can now navigate to the home assistant UI with https://IP:8123
If I go to services and call service cast.show_lovelace_view I get the error

Error: Unable to connect to the Home Assistant websocket API

Someone have a clue what I have missed?

Hey man,

Did you get around this?

as I know the cast is not able to use local network ip, you need to use some dyndns service (like and open it over the internet

Do you have a Synology or something ?
you can use reversed proxy on that to make it reachable.

I eventually solved the issue by setting up https with duckdns and letsencrypt.