Casting via chromecast to Sonos

Hi folks!

The following configuration is present at my home:

  • Home Assistant in Docker container on QNAP NAS (connected via LAN)

  • Sonos Beam (connected via WLAN)

  • Various apps and devices with Chromecast function (mostly Android)

Since the Sonos Beam unfortunately only supports Apple Airplay, it is not possible to stream via Chromecast from Deezer or YT Music. I would need the SONOS app, which is not very user-friendly.

Since I can stream online radio or Spotify directly to the SONOS via the Home Assistant portal (Lovelace) I now have the following question:

Is there an addon, script or similar that lets the Home Assistant instance act as a Chromecast receiver? So I could then select the Assistant in the Chromecast menu, which could then theoretically forward the sound to the SONOS system.

I would be happy about any constructive suggestions or ideas.
Thanks a lot!

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Unfortunately, no. HA or anything else, really.
There is no way to “emulate” a google chromecast, currently.

The Google Nest Mini can use external speakers via bluetooth, though, and that’s the workaround I use.
No clue if that’d work with Sonos, though.


It’s not a perfect solution, but you can pass Deezer URLs to the Sonos speaker’s media_player.play_media service. This doesn’t work for YTM as of today, however.

Thanks @koying and @jjlawren ,

But the Option with Deezer means that I do have to adjust the URLs manually and this would not work directly using a CC or similar protocols?

It’s a shame that the inverse of AirCast doesn’t exist! That would answer my prayers.

I do like the idea of using a Google Home Mini configured to connect via Bluetooth to my Yamaha MusicCast Vinyl though… I will give that a go.


!Disclaimer! I’m the Developer of Cast to Sonos.

You can use “Cast to Sonos” to cast your tab to Sonos similar to Chromecast. Works the same way and should be easy to use. I chose to keep it free for now, even though I’m hosting the media server that is used to stream the raw audio from Chrome to Sonos.