CC2652 from

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Has someone recently bought a CC2652 zigbee dongle from this link?

What delay should I expect before my order is shipped?
I tried to send a message using Telegram with no success.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The seller is well known for not responding. It’ll turn up some time… quite probably without you receiving any further communication, even if you paid for tracking.


I bought one several weeks ago and after not receiving a confirmation or the device, I‘ve sent an email.

Response was quite fast and it turned out I had a typo in my ordering email.


Very nice seller I see :smiley: ironical of course.
I hop the quality will be proportionally opposed to his seller skill :wink: with luck I know what I will have for Christmas.
To be serious, thanks for the feedbacks, I’ll post here again when I will have some news.


I ordered one on the 4th of March and have received nothing after that date.
Not replying to telegram or mail. Thinking about opening a dispute in PayPal but seeing the replies here that’s not necessary. Well I’ll keep waiting then…

He sent me a tracking code that has never been picked up. Went other route and bought zzh instead. Arrived pretty quickly and I’m already using it.
I hope slaesh’s arrive some day.

I think I am going to open a PayPal dispute soon, to have my money back and buy somewhere else if I still have no answer from him.
I can understand he doe not want us to buy if we are in a rush but more than a week to ship an order is more than a reasonable delay, more when taking in account he has no enough consideration for his clients to have the politeness to reply to them.
If I want to receive something within a month I will buy on Aliexpress :smiley: and it is not really comparable as they ship faster.
What will happen in the case of an issue with an order? Maybe we should not be in a rush to have a replacement :slight_smile:

It is only my opinion.

Well you are absolutely right. My dispute is opened. With “normal” products when a store is not responding and order date has been 14 days ago I would already opened a dispute. My “test” stick from aliexpress arrived earlier than this one.

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Yesterday I received an e-mail, as all the clients I think with explanations and procedure to cancel order.
I done it successfully.
So for me, it is now a closed case :slight_smile: new zigbee key from Electrolama shipped.
Finally we got some communication, which is the good point.

I bought from him. He wrote an email, which I quoted below (I hope it is OK as it will give you some insight about his issues.

It took 8 days for sending me tracking number and another 8 days to bring it to the post. Another 1 day for shipment. This is acceptable as he writes on his website:

Quality looks fine. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to test.

How it is going with canceling the orders?
I am trying to cancel the order for 8 days… no answer, no reply, nothing. so irritating!


I sent an email to cancelmyorder (at) slae (dot) sh with both subject and message body specifying my order references and was refund some minutes latter.

I don’t know if it is important, but how did you pay? I was paying with Bank transfer:, have the payment confirmation from them… and I don’t know if they have any buyer protection like PayPal…

I paid with PayPal.
The best is to contact support (at) bunq (dot) com, the only address I found after a quick research.

But before doing so, have you tried to contact slaesh using Telegram?
Or the regular e-mail address specified on

I ordered my second USB Stick on March, 1st.
And I just received it yesterdy March, 30th
A little bit longer than my fist purchase in October 2020, but still OK from my point of view according to the worldwide situation.

Of course I did - tried mail at slae dot sh; cancelmyorder at slae dot sh; and telegram. No answer.

chsasha90 have you had any news from your side about the refund? I’m in the same situation as you ( and still no answer to the cancellation.

Hopefully I finally got my money back - I got it with a bank transfer with a comment “sorry man”.

I placed an order on 17 July 21. I received a confirmation it shipped on the 19th. It arrived at my home in Atlantic Canada on 29 July 21. I can’t complain with a 12 day shipment from Germany - that’s not unusual.

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Just want to mention that I am very pleased with my 4 sticks from
Running now for 4 months with 78 Xiaomi devices over two floors I almost had no issues. Before my Xiaomi sensors always get disconnected. So I am very happy with it.

BTW: I needed my laptop to flash the firmware. On my computer it was not possible for whatever reason.