CCU2 w/ HomeMatic and homematic IP devices


Hi Devs,

Is there anyone actively working on homematic component as I have a CCU2 connected to “homematic IP” sensors and they are not showing up in Home Assistant.

I can see the native “HomeMatic” thermostat and fire detector but not the “homematic IP” devices like outlet switch and motion sensor.

All devices mentioned are showing up inside CCU2.

I was hoping someone can help speed up my understanding of the homematic component or I can just dive into the development page and try to fix myself.



@jazzaj @danielperna84

Has your homematic work been merged into Home Assistant or is it planned?


Yes, for quite a while actually. Here’s the documentation:

Ah, scratch that. Just read the second post.
No, we don’t support Homematic IP for now. We’re restricted to BidCos-RF devices. That may change in the future, but as far as I know Homegear won’t support IP anytime soon, and if the CCU makes IP-devices available through XML-RPC entirely depends on the CCU. So as long as there’s no update for that, it just won’t be possible.


Thanks @danielperna84

How about when CCU2 already has them paired? Can CCU2 act as relay or proxy for these devices?


That doesn’t make a difference. See the rightmost column of your screenshot. That’s the protocol used to communicate with the devices. We only support the ones with BidCos-RF, as those devices are available through the XML-RPC-API the CCU exposes.

At least I assume the HmIP-RF devices aren’t available through XML-RPC. I don’t have any IP-devices, not even a CCU - just Homegear running on my Pi. So I don’t know for sure. But feel free to head over to the pyhomematic-repo and open as issue. For Homeassistant to support the IP-devices, pyhomematic has to support them first. So if you want you can give it a shot and try out if you somehow manage to get the IP-devices into pyhomematic.


Hi Daniel,

is pyhomematic restricted to BidCOS on both CCU and Homegear or only on Homegear? In other words, does pyhomematic support wired components paired with a CCU through XML RPC?



Hi Torsten,

we don’t explicitly support Homematic-Wired. But pyhomematic may actually be able to still work if you set the port to 2000, which I believe is the one that the CCU exposes for wired devices. I don’t know if Homegear supports wired devices at all. If so, they have to be available through XML-RPC to make use of the.

In general: If the CCU or Homegear provide XML-RPC access to devices (either IP or wired), then we are able to add support.
If you have wired devices, feel free to open an issue at and we’ll help you getting started.


Hi Daniel,

the devices get listed via http://CCU2-IP/config/xmlapi/devicelist.cgi

<device name="HMIP-PSM 0001D3C992AC36" address="0001D3C992AC36" ise_id="2417" interface="HmIP-RF" device_type="HMIP-PSM" ready_config="true"><channel name="HMIP-PSM 0001D3C992AC36:0" type="30" address="0001D3C992AC36:0" ise_id="2418" direction="UNKNOWN" parent_device="2417" index="0" group_partner="" aes_available="false" transmission_mode="AES" visible="true" ready_config="true" operate="true"/> <channel name="HMIP-PSM 0001D3C992AC36:1" type="17" address="0001D3C992AC36:1" ise_id="2429" direction="SENDER" parent_device="2417" index="1" group_partner="" aes_available="false" transmission_mode="AES" visible="true" ready_config="true" operate="true"/><channel name="HMIP-PSM 0001D3C992AC36:2" type="26" address="0001D3C992AC36:2" ise_id="2432" direction="UNKNOWN" parent_device="2417" index="2" group_partner="" aes_available="false" transmission_mode="AES" visible="true" ready_config="true" operate="true"/><channel name="HMIP-PSM 0001D3C992AC36:3" type="26" address="0001D3C992AC36:3" ise_id="2436" direction="RECEIVER" parent_device="2417" index="3" group_partner="" aes_available="false" transmission_mode="AES" visible="true" ready_config="true" operate="true"/><channel name="HMIP-PSM 0001D3C992AC36:4" type="26" address="0001D3C992AC36:4" ise_id="2441" direction="RECEIVER" parent_device="2417" index="4" group_partner="" aes_available="false" transmission_mode="AES" visible="false" ready_config="true" operate="true"/><channel name="HMIP-PSM 0001D3C992AC36:5" type="26" address="0001D3C992AC36:5" ise_id="2446" direction="RECEIVER" parent_device="2417" index="5" group_partner="" aes_available="false" transmission_mode="AES" visible="false" ready_config="true" operate="true"/><channel name="HMIP-PSM 0001D3C992AC36:6" type="17" address="0001D3C992AC36:6" ise_id="2451" direction="UNKNOWN" parent_device="2417" index="6" group_partner="" aes_available="false" transmission_mode="AES" visible="true" ready_config="true" operate="true"/><channel name="HMIP-PSM 0001D3C992AC36:7" type="26" address="0001D3C992AC36:7" ise_id="2458" direction="SENDER" parent_device="2417" index="7" group_partner="" aes_available="false" transmission_mode="AES" visible="false" ready_config="true" operate="true"/></device>

And I’ve can switch it via http://CCU2-IP/config/xmlapi/statechange.cgi/?ise_id=2440&new_value=false



With the 0.34 release of HASS wired devices should be working (although we didn’t found anyone to test it, we just could follow the specifications). The XML-API is irrelevant, since we only work with XML-RPC to also support Homegear.


I work now for some weeks with HA and the homematic component. I migrate now circa 60% my automations from homematic to HA. It works very good and its a win-win situation because the CCU2 has now less work and gets faster again!
What i missed are some devices:
Winmatic / HM-Sec-Win
Klingelsensor / HM-Sen-DB-PCB
Schalter 6x / HM-PB-6-WM55
Schalter1x /HM-PB-2-WM55-2

Can i do something to get this devices to HA or i have to wait?

Also i missed the cuxd devices. Are this kind of devices not supported?

Thanx for the help!


Except for “Winmatic / HM-Sec-Win” all devices should be supported. I think the devices generate only key-press events so they are not visible in home-assistant. The key-press events can be used as triggers.


jannau is correct, some devices don’t show up as entities. See the Devices with buttons part of the documentation.

Regarding cuxd: we won’t support those anytime soon. cuxd uses Binary RPC, which the library for communicating with the CCU doesn’t support, and until now I haven’t found a way or the time to implement this. If the need arises, someone who knows more about that can implement it and we’ll integrate it. It’s stated that binary works faster. But seeing how fast it already is it’s not worth the effort.


Thanx for the fast response. I will check the Device with Buttons function.

with the cuxd product i solved tho main things:

  1. I managed a air conditioner with Enocean ( i have a Enocean Extension for CCU2).

  2. cuxd have a heat algorithmus (2-Punkt-Regler) for my underfloor heating

  3. I can migrate to a enocean Modul for raspi !?

  4. Perhaps there is a underfloor heating solution for home assistant!?

Are there plans to support Winmatic in the future? Can i do something to support this action?


I do see the value cuxd support would provide. But as long as the CCU doesn’t expose those devices through XML-RPC it can’t be done.

HASS has EnOcean support, but requires some additional device for communication.
As for the heating: I don’t know. That’s outside my scope of knowledge.

However: I believe the CCU would allow you to set system variables which hold the values of the cuxd devices. And you could also add additional system variables, and then use the programs on the CCU to control the cuxd devices with those variables, which you can control from HASS. Bool and Float types are available to control, which would be enough to control most of the stuff the CCU can handle, given you know your way around the TCL scripts on the CCU.

And yes, Winmatic can be supported. There’s just no one who has implemented and tested it yet. Internally it’s different from pretty much any other device, so we can’t just assume it’s working by looking at devices that are similar.


For me its nor a big problem to let the underfloor heating and the winmatic in the homematic environment.

The management from cuxd over ccu variables is a way. Unfortunately the air conditioning is in an other location (site2site VPN). But the hass documentation say only the primary ccu supported variables.

So, i need another way to set bidirectional the variables from ccu2 (second site) to hass (first site).

But all points are not critical for me. :wink:


Regarding that the documentation may actually be outdated. I never had the chance to test it, but I could imagine that variables work with all of the CCU-objects sind 0.37 or 0.38. Until now nobody had such a usecase, so it would be nice if you could test that. You wouldn’t have to set the primary-option as well then. And if it does work, I’ll update the documentation. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately i don’t see variable in the GUI from the second CCU2. rf_hhs is my primary CCU2. rf_hll is my second CCU2.


Hhmm, ok, then that still doesn’t work. I thought this got changed recently. But apperently not. There’s technical reason why only on hosts works, but I thought there has been a workaround.


Okay, please give me a trigger when i should test again.

Good night.


From what I can read in the qt-3 docs the new IP devices should be accessible through the XML-RPC interface on port 2010 (just added this week… 15.03.2017):

Can anyone confirm that?

Perhaps the latest CCU2 firmware is required for this to work: