Change app header text color for one view


is there a way to change only the color of the encircled icon in the header bar?


I have tried this with card-mod, but no success:

  - title: Alarmo
    path: alarmo
    icon: mdi:shield-home-outline
    type: custom:alarmo-card
    entity: alarm_control_panel.alarmo
    cards: []
      style: |
        ha-app-layout {
          --app-header-text-color: red;

Thank you!

Please check out these two threads

Thank you! I went through both threads but I am getting nowhere.

What I want to acheive:

  • Make the color of the alarm-icon in the header change depending on the state of Alarmo (armed, triggered, disarmed)

What I did:

  • installed card-mod.js
  • added it to the resources
  • tried many code-snippets I found in posts here
  • found out that I apparently need to change “app-header-text-color” in order to change the color of the logo

I never managed to change the color of the logo at all.

It seems like all solutions only refer to changing all headers in a theme, which is not what I want.

Any hints?