Change background based on weather state


New to HADashboard and it’s great so far!

I’d really like to show a background based on the weather state. So if for example it’s raining out, it will show a rain background - if it’s sunny, it will show a sun bg etc. Something similar was added to the Home Assistant Control Panel.

I believe it can be done within the CSS file… so for example if darksky says the current condition is sunny - pull the sun Background image. Essentially, it changes the background based on the state of a sensor.

How can I integrate this into HADashboard?

I believe this post mentions - the changing background picture based on the weather but this is a screensaver (which is super cool btw!)

you need to change your skinfiles
you need to add some javascript in the head to do it.
i cant think of a way where CSS alone would be enough.

Thanks for your reply.

Wondering if I could mimic the one above that uses the different (image) background depending on the sensor.

you could take a look at how the other person did it.
there is a lot possible with javascript and css, but in most cases its not easy