Change colours of each Zone in HomeAssistant?

Hi there, I’m just playing around with setting up Zones in HomeAssistant and have it working so that I have a lovelace History card that shows each person and where they are (home, office, school etc.). Problem is, I only seem to have three colours,

  1. Home = Green
  2. Away = Grey
  3. All registered zones = Blue for all zones

Is there a way to split 3 into different colours for each zone, so that it becomes more obvious from the history view where the person is (rather than blue for every named zone)?

Thanks in advance!

This has been an issue since 2022:12. There are a few threads on it with workarounds/solutions.
Try this one:

Thanks found the answer there. Nice one!

Imagine you have these zones:
– zone.home (friendly name “Home”)
– (“Bar”)
– zone.my_mom (“Mom”)
– (“My Office”)

Define these variables:
and enjoy your colors.
(similarly for device_tracker)

But - these zones must have exactly these FRIENDLY NAMES and in ENGLISH only.

Hey could you provide me a helping hand?
Just cant get it to work
Here is my yml config:

    state-person-gym-color: '#FF9800'

Here the zone:

latitude: X longitude: Xradius: 35 passive: false persons: editable: true icon: mdi:dumbbell friendly_name: Gym


Looks good. Did you add that to the themes.yaml ?
Did you also make an automation to run the theme at start up?

Read this guide: