Change friendly name on zone.home


I am trying to change the friendly name of the default home zone, but it doesn’t seem to work.

I added this to my configuration.yaml

    friendly_name: Hjemme

And now it reads “Hjemme” in the friendly_name of zone.home if I go to HA menu -> Developer tools -> States

But if my device tracker is at home it will show up as “home” and not “Hjemme”
So I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Do I need to make a new home zone that overrides the default one?

Thanks in advance,

Don’t forget that ‘home’ is a state, not a location. This is why it displays as home regardless where home is.

I think you have to use a template if you want it to display differently for UI purposes.

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Thanks, I think I understand.

I made a new zone with the same coordinates, and it seems to use that for my device tracker.
So all good for now. Hopefully it will always use that zone so my automation will run…