Change Logon Logo

Is there any way to change the logo on the logon screen from the homeassistant logo? I mainly would like to do this because my home assistant system is setup is public facing. I have secured it with ssl, a password and a different port number but the logo gives away what it is you are trying to log into. It would be good to change this or remove it completely so its not as obvious to make it harder to hack.

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I assume you are looking at this from the angle that the logo on the home page gives away that this is home assistant and therefore the attack surfaces can be researched and exploited with that extra bit of knowledge.

Be aware that it is not only that logo that tells an attacker that this is a home assistant instance. See the link above for what is returned with common scanning tools.

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So, what would be the solution to hide it as much as possible?
Is letsencrypt safe enough to keep the scanner to go any deeper?

Lets encrypt only encrypts the traffic, it doesn’t change anything that the scanner sees.

Here is some info on security, you can also do some searches on the forum, there are a number of threads on the topic.

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If you look into the microsd you will see 5 separate partitions on the SD card. I can acess 4 partition but the last one i can’t and i don’t know why. I was tryng to change the logo by replacing it. This is the path /static/icons/favicon-192x192.png

Any ideas?

Did you eventually find out how to do this?

I am kinda interesting on sticking my own logo on my Homeassistant instance. Not a big fan of HA logo/color.


I would also like to customize it

I would also like to know, bump!

@phildarwin with that you can only change the logo after you have logged into Home Assistant, but the initial logo in the login screen does not change

Got it, I have made a new post asking for where those .pngs are so I can change them directly in the home assistant files. Do you happen to know where they are?

No I don´t, but would be interested to know, can you share the link to the other post here?