Changing the Home Assistant Login Icon

Hi, I would like to change the login Favicon:

I understand that this image is called:

I cannot seem to find it as I browse the folders in home assistant, using the ‘find’ command in the command line.

I know there is an other integration that does this (Favicon changer by thomas loven) but it gives me this deprecation warning:

I simply would like to change that favicon directly in the system.

I would just need to find its location.

Thanks to everyone for their help.

There are quite a few posts regarding the HACs warning. This is one of them.

Interesting. I’m really hoping I can just change that file though, I’m surprised it’s this hard

It’s not that simple, as the icon is depending on many factors like the viewing browser, OS of the system you use and things like that.

And you would need to change it after every update, as the icon is stored inside core.

It really is the better, if not the only way, to change the favicon with the custom_component from Thomas you mentioned. The “warning” (!) you get, is a known issue in HACS and nothing you should worry about. I’d install the custom_component and let it do its work. :slight_smile:

Just for reference, you can find the icon here:


Will this also correct the login icon I mention? I have not managed to get it to work yet.

And, can I access this from Home Assistant itself?

Nope, as this is what you asked for

Anyway, I don’t think you can change the logo on the login screen, as it is the same icon that is used as favicon (meaning, you’d change the actual favicon as well).

The code for the login page is here

As I said, as this is part of a core functionality, in the frontend package, I doubt that it makes sense to “just replace” that icon. Leaving aside, that you’d need to do it after every update, I wouldn’t know of a way to do it, sorry.

Why do you want to change it anyway?

Just to be clear, I do not have access to this while in home assistant as it is compiled, correct? I want to change it to not reveal during login that my system is using home assistant.

Yes and no! :slight_smile: First, we would need to know, what your installation method was? Are you using HA-OS or Docker or core in a venv or…?

The access to that file(s) depends on what you use. HA-OS is restricting the access to the underlying system, where you can always get access with Docker or core.

I wouldn’t advise it, but if you don’t use HA-OS, you can change these files.

Just to note, there is no compiled version, it is just a restriction to access files in HA-OS in general.

If you want to hide the logo for security reasons, than this wouldn’t be very useful. “Script kiddies” actually don’t get scared, if they don’t see a logo, they know what system you use from the code…

I am using HA-OS and I would like to go try my luck with changing those files. I am not familiar with core, I see that it is a different installation. Is there a way to bypass the HA-OS security and access the core code? Thanks so much for your help by the way, I really appreciate. It is not for security purposes per se, I will be using the system for a business I am starting and feel like it’s important that the first thing the client see when they login is either our logo or their logo. I am already running through cloudflare which allows changing the address that is shown.

In HA-OS there is no way to get to these files, at least I wouldn’t know of any. :slight_smile: And as I said, updating would change that back anyway. As you use this in a client environment, you’re practically ordered to be up-to-date with updates, so these changes would be necessary to be restored quite often (up to five times a month). :slight_smile:

If it is for a business, you should think about programming the frontend component yourself in some way, the login screen would be part of it. But don’t forget, HA and it’s logos are still visible in many, many other places.

As a start take a look at the frontend developer documentation:

Let me be honest, I’m not comfortable with the way I think you want to use HA. I do know it’s open-source and the license is giving you the right to do so, but it’s not my cup of tea, sorry.

It is my belief, that one can make money by still acknowledging the underlying software and it’s use. Imho it’s just not right, to use a product for free, and then hide it’s use for the personal gain. Sorry! :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to be proven wrong in my opinion, but that would need some very good arguments from your side. :slight_smile:


Patrick, I understand your point of view. At the moment we are just a startup and are already paying for a few nabucase accounts to give back to the project. It’s just that it has not made it’s proof as an operating system for the general public and I would like to avoid questions. Home Assistant is mentioned in the documentation we give clients so they will know about it, I just don’t want it to be the first thing they see.

A few months ago this would have been easy to solve through the cloudflare apps but they are ruling those out… I will keep looking!!

Thanks for answering, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Besides everything else, I really wouldn’t know of a way to change the logo in HA-OS. It’s practically constructed into the OS, that changes from user side are impossible.

Have you thought about going at it from a different angle? I could imagine some kind of integration or an add-on that you build. If your clients are only users of the system, you could install it first and let it change all kinds of things.

Another way would be to fork HA-OS and build your own with the changes woven in. You’d need to find some automated workflows for Github, but that should work.

I don’t know, what your company is about, but I really doubt you can easily change these things without someone who can code. If your focus is on home automation and not on coding, you might be out of luck, sorry to say! :slight_smile: You can always try to get a developer on various platforms, but that would be a business decision to rely on someone outside the company, to keep the system running…

Paddy, I understand now that those changes are a bit hard to make. There are a few options I could follow but changing it directly is by far the simplest way and requires less maintenance. For now I will leave it as is, I will post the solution when and if I find it. In the meantime, if anyone has an idea I am interested. Cheers!