Change payload for KNX Climate

Hi, I’m trying to set my thermostats in HomeAssistant but I’m going crazy with the setup. I have an Airzone gateway to communicate with my KNX installation. I’m able to get everything working fine except for the control mode. According to the Airzone documentation to contol the modes, I need to send the following values: 0 - Stop, 3 - Fan, 4 - Dry, 6 - Heat and 8 - Cool. The problem is that i’ve been seeing everywhere that the default configuration is: 0 - Auto, 1 - Heat, 3 - Cool, 9 - Fan, 14 - Dry. Is there a way to change the values that Home Assistant sends?

This is my code:

    - name: "Termostato Salón"
      temperature_address: "1/7/22"
      target_temperature_address: "1/7/20"
      target_temperature_state_address: "1/7/19"
      min_temp: 18.0
      max_temp: 30.0
      operation_mode_address: "1/7/2"
      operation_mode_state_address: "1/7/1"
        - "Off"
        - "Heat"
        - "Cool"
        - "Fan only"
        - "Dry"

      on_off_address: "1/7/18"
      on_off_state_address: "1/7/17"

Hi :wave:!
This is not supported by the knx Integration directly. What exact DPT number is this?

A workaround would be to use a select entity for the mode. Or a proxy-GA and an automation that translates to the GA used by the device.

In the ETS i’ve the 20.105 HVAC Control Mode. seems to be some kind of proprietary type. It’s definitely not 20.105 (which is the one that is supported by HA).
So I guess you have it work around that somehow.