Change switch, boolean, etc using http

Hi All,

Can you change status of switch, input boolean, text device using a http link?
In Domoticz you can send commands using API. I use this lot of time and want do this as well in HA… when I want change from Domoticz to HA for me a important thing.

Can someone assist me?

Thats what you’re looking for I guess

~~ q12021 dead link updated link:
REST API | Home Assistant Developer Docs
edit 2021
web-hooks should work out too, but it is not as mighty, this can be either good or bad.
Automation Trigger - Home Assistant

this is a very good tasker template when you want to use an android phone

The next thing you could set up is a webhook (never used it - so no info from my side)

but keep in mind that you want to keep your setup secure