Change the Attribute report conditions for a Temperature sensor

What is the best method to change the Attribute Report conditions for a Zigbee Temperature sensor from within Home Assistant.

I would like to accellerate reporting to improve regulation of a Generic Thermostat built with a Zigbee Temperature Sensor and a Relay controlling the Electric heater.

In the ZHA integration, the reporting for a temperature sensor is set to 0.5°C

class TemperatureMeasurement(ZigbeeChannel):
    """Temperature measurement channel."""

            "attr": "measured_value",
            "config": (REPORT_CONFIG_MIN_INT, REPORT_CONFIG_MAX_INT, 50),

while for the Thermostat it is set to 0.25°C

class ThermostatChannel(ZigbeeChannel):
    """Thermostat channel."""

        {"attr": "local_temp", "config": REPORT_CONFIG_CLIMATE},

I see that reporting is configured from REPORT_CONFIG in the ZigbeeChannel base class inside “configure_reporting”.

I suppose that right now these can’t be overridden unless using a local copy of the zha component and modify it. And that after modifying the code, the initialisation of it is not clear: at startup or upon new

Also see Sonoff SNZB-02 Temp Sensor Reporting Interval .