Charts in short history are averages, not mean values from sensor

Recently, I went from homeassistant docker to home assistant OS on a virtual machine. After I did that, I noticed that when I click on a particular sensor, I no longer see a graph that shows every update that the sensor posted, but rather a chart that is an average of 5 minutes, with avg/min/max values. I personally find that to be insufficient, and I do not want to constantly have to click on the “display more” link. Unfortunately, I did not take a photo of what the original charts looked like, although I could probably get the old configuration back up running, if that is required. In the meantime, I attached two screenshots - one showing the “average” history charts, and the other showing the “display more” history charts, and I want both to look like the “display more” charts. Either way, they both looked like the “display more” charts before the update. This also targets all my other sensors. I suspect it might be part of a new feature, but I would love to get rid of it. Thanks.! Here are the pictures (the second one is the preffered look): Imgur: The magic of the Internet

This was introduced a couple of versions ago with the intention of making graphs load quicker. In practice using the 5 minute average has made no discernible difference to load times on my system and has only resulted in a loss of resolution.

There are two ways you can resolve this:

  1. Remove the state_class: measurement from your sensors or use customize to set it to none. This also removes long term statistics from the sensors.


  1. Use the custom history explorer card. It has an option to replace all more-info pop-up graphs with a much more user friendly version.

I use option 2.

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