Cheap eBay WiFi heating controller,

So I’ve emailed the sell of these, to see what app it uses.

But for the price i might just take a chance on it, as sniffing my danfoo 433mhz central heating contoller doesn’t seem to be working.


Very interested in this, let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

I will, tho I’m still trying to find an answer on the difference between. Underfloor control thermostats and normal central heating ones.

I think that central heating ones just out put 240 on the signal wire, with little/no current available, and underfloor will output 240 with 1-5 amps available

There seem to be many very similar (if not identical) products around, on AliExpress too.

Hopefully I can my question answered by a heating professional tomorrow (about the difference berween an under floor thermostat and an normal thermostat)
Then I have wife approval to build this (only cuaee it mean she can turn the heating on in bed !)

Ordered, might be here for the weekend.
Now time to setup a new vlan and break out Wireshark to work out what it’s doing.

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Looking forward to your results :slight_smile:

Looks like it’s the same device discussed here
I’m using a version of these for a boiler, integrates well.


Awesome find !

Well, I’ve just ordered one too, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it works with that component linked or that @cooljimy84 can work something out.

To be fair, at under 30 notes I can’t complain much if I can’t integrate it in to HA, but I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that it will :slight_smile:


Its here,

Looks like a ESP 01 there !

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Not sure I can get to it without unsoldering it

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a little googling show it as a WT1SBSL Boardlink, found a guy that took apart a smart plug and found one of these in it.

Thanks all she write for this one, i’l see if the above link to another post gets this working as expected.

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This is far more exciting than it should be really, but given that my original plan was to buy a nest for like £200, and this looks like it’s going to be doing the job for £28, I’m well chuffed.

Hoping mine arrives before my days off next week, by which time you’ll have it all sorted by the looks and I can just copy what you’ve done :smile:

Thanks again for starting this thread and keeping us up to date.

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Following this closely! I was literally about to buy a nest this weekends just to use as a simple smart on/off switch!

Edit - Hmmmm my thermostat at the moment is RF as there are no actual wires in my walls for a thermostat… I don’t think this will work…?

I imagine it is controllable by Wifi, but connects to the boiler via wires? rather than connects to the boiler via wifi?

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I have no doubts it will work. Lots of brands are selling this thermostat.

Don’t expect much as a standalone, the temperature ain’t reliable (.5 to 1° random difference with others sensors) and I don’t find the interface easy to manage.
But as a climate component, using other temperature inputs and the automation capabilities of HA, those are no problems anymore.

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You can connect it directly to the boiler as there should also be power supply there. Then HA will control it.

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I had thought that, but when I just discussed it with the wife (I thought it would be a good idea to ask her if she wanted to save £170 over buying the nest) she said she would still want it in the living room in case she wants to over-ride Home Assistant via the thermostat in the living room if her phone is out of battery… :frowning:

I suppose I could just put a tablet on the wall in the living room showing HASS with a fancy nest lovelace card…?
I’d just need to somehow improve the Wifi in the utility room to ensure the wifi thermostat has a rock solid connection…

Wifi is terrible in my house, Sky Router + 100yr old stone house I looked at getting a mesh network but it would still struggle because of the 1mtr thick exterior walls before the extension…

Not sure if i will have time this weekend, as i need a back box for the unit (as it doesn’t come with one) and my new build flat seems to have a whole in the wall where the fitter just cut a hole and screwed it to the wall…

So couldn’t wait and just stripped a plug and wired it in on the floor to play.

Getting it in to WiFi config made was strange, and I just overwrote my config on the thermostat by adding it to HASS

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