Cheap wifi ip camera

Hey there

I’m looking to add a generic ip camera to my HA setup. Without spending much money, what is the cheapest option for a generic wifi ip camera? I really just want it for images not so much video, but in the future I might. Where I want to place it, it doesn’t have access to wires LAN.

Any suggestions?

Hello. You can buy any ip cam around 25/30 eur…are good for you want. I have a tenvis had a good wifi and works very good.


Hot! wanscam hw0024 ip ptz câmera wi-fi hd 720 p dual audio P2P Baby Monitor Remoto IR-Cut câmera de Vigilância Wi-fi Câmera IP Interno Cam
(from AliExpress Android)


If you have an old android phone you can try this

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I bought Keekoon on sale around 40Euro. Is that cheap enough? They are excellent so far

Then Xiaomi square at around 30Euro, but is good with Mi Home app, neet to be hacked for working with HASS (have not dome it yet)

i also want to buy a square one but i think it’s not usable with HA… i’ve also the 360 mija (from xiaomi) and don’t work…:frowning:

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you may try this (not tested )

Another option is to purchase a Raspberry Pi Z W and a camera module. If you really want to get fancy you can 3D print a case for it too.

Note: It’ll be static and night vision view will cost more.

If you can get to a MicroCenter you can purchase the Raspberry Pi Zero W for $10(USD). The camera module you can get on Amazon for about $15(USD).

Alternatively you take that old USB camera out of the the junk drawer and hook it up to a Raspberry Pi and run it as an IP camera.

I am also looking into extending my HASS setup with a wifi camera. I would be interested in some reviews of the cameras in the price range of 20 - 40 €.

Claudio what model of Keekoon did you get and are there options to control Pan/Tilt in HA?



Its PT not zoom. You can easily use presets in HASS. Also PT but to make a nice user interface is possible but difficult (for me)

Hi Guys,
Found something like this:

It is appealing as it does not need any additional wiring. Anyone tried this one with HA? Or could recommend similar fisheye bulb camera that could work with HA?

I personally like very much the D-Link DCS-932L, have some at home and never had an issue. I just bought this one by 47€ (50’ish $?? didn’t check in the US store)

Did you purchase the wanscam hw0024, I but am having trouble configuring it in configuration.yami. Do you have any details on how to configure things. Thanks in advance.

What errors are getting?

Timeout getting camera image


  • platform: generic
    port: 80
    username: user
    password: user

This is how I have it in my configuration:

If you access to the cam web can you see the stream?


Hi, Thanks for your comment.:slight_smile:

This is now the setup, but i got the error no image available.

platform: generic
name: koi
username: user
password: xxxxxxxx

When i’m using this setup:

I’ve got the image what is refreshing every 10 seconds. but i’d rather have live video.

greetings justin

if you acccess to the cam website … can you see the feed?

I must say I’m having similar issues but with another cam …

If i login i get 3 choises (see image)

When i choose the first it will open the cam page in flash. I dont know how to see the feed
When i choose the second it will be a small image. I use that adress now but it has the problem that it isn’t live but refreshing every 10 seconds
When i choose for the third option it said Plugin isn’t supported:(

greetings justincam1

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Could you please try open in your browser? It should contain links to the actual streams.

yottatsa$ curl -u admin:###