Chromecast Radio with station and player selection

Will you share the code for this? I really am interested and i like it…

This looks great, would you mind sharing the code?

Hi. I found this web site with thousands url links to radio stations cataloged per country. Enjoy


Has anybody used this successfully? media_player.media_seek to seek through an mp3? Ideally I would have an input_number as a slider. I wasn’t able to seek successfully.

- service: media_player.media_seek
     entity_id: media_player.office_speaker
     seek_position: 50

Me three please!!! And what do the buttons do exactly?

@lkhdas I’m also interested in how you’ve got the media title, image, volume level, and controls all in one interface. Can you please share what you’re using to do this?

EDIT: I think I’ve found it. I assume this is it? Custom UI: Mini media player

Yes that’s it

cast = pychromecast.Chromecast(HOST, timeout=5, tries=2)
media_controller = cast.media_controller
media_controller.play_media(MEDIA, 'audio/mp3', title=TITLE, thumb=IMAGE, stream_type='LIVE')

This is the code to have media title and image for Chromecast

Thanks for sharing. Sorry for what may be a silly question but…where does this code go? Any additional details you can provide would be much appreciated.

I use it in appdaemon but it’d probably be easier to use it as python_script. Either way you will need to adjust it to your scenario.

Bob, although this feature is very popular me personally your script gave me lot of headache and it still does. Latest problem : Platform cast not ready yet. Retrying in 30 seconds and the music indeed start in 30 seconds
I am close to quitting this even if i invested a lot of time and money

I’m just wondering, on my version the script doesn’t appear the the same “block” as the other radio controls. It still works just sends my ocd into a spin…?

check your group setup

This is my setup, still get the wrong layout.

    view: yes
    name: Music Control
      - media_player.spotify
      - input_select.radio_station
      - input_select.chromecast_radio
      - script.radio538

having view: yes means that the group will be a tab across the top of the HA GUI. In order to group entities inside a tab you need another group to act as a sub-group. take out the view: yes and you will see what I mean

Does anyone have a working package of this radio? It worked fine until I decided to move everything to docker, now I can’t get things going.

It seems a few things have changed in the media_player component and there is a new cast component too. Which one should I use where?

Still working on 0.75.2…
My setup is all in here

Does anyone have this working with a echo device?

Cheers, I’ll take a look at it tonight.

no I use ChromeCasts, but as long as / if your echo is defined as a media_player entity it should work.
Now I have no idea about echos so you’ll need to check how they get handled by HA

There’s this project in development to make echos media players, hopefully it will work!