CI/CD Question

I am trying to implement continuous integration and deployment of my Home Assistant Solution.

Currently run latest version of HAOS on a poweredge server running proxmox. I have successfully configured a test of the CI by uploading a copy of my configuration to Gitlab and configured preflight testing of yamllint, jsonlint and shellcheck.

My issue is when I come to test my configuration against a copy of home assistant. The ci.yml files I have seen as examples fire up a copy of home assistant in docker then load the configuration. This causes a problem in that the vanilla copy of home assistant does not have the addons or integrations and throw error messages.

I cannot see how the copy of home assistant used for testing can include these integrations or that the integrations are somehow ignored for the purpose of evaluating configuration code against Home Assistant current and future releases.

Can anyone help me with this issue or point me to sources of help?