City heating (stadsverwarming) Kamstrup values into Energy Dashboard

Some places in the Netherlands have city heating (stadsverwarming). It’s a closed system that is hard to get values.

I wanted to get the values and from City heating and visualize the usage of heating in the amazing Home Assistant Energy Dashboard. The Energy dashboard can track your heating by gas. Unfortunately city heating is not measures with M3 gas but it’s measured measurement called GigaJoule (GJ).

I wrote (a bit lengthy) article that explains step by step how you can read out your city heating and get the values in the Energy Dashboard.

Make your city heating (stadsverwarming) smart and connect it Home Assistant energy dashboard -

Very happy with the final results, finally some insights in my heating consumption.
Stadsverwarming in Home Assistant

Hope it helps!


thanks @pbrink !
I’ll be sure to check this one out. It’s one of the biggest annoyances I still have left. Not being able to measure my heating solution.

Got it working on my side as well with a Landis Gyr LG2WR5. From what I see on the internet, it could work with LG UH50 (Ultra Heat) as well.

Used the following script as basis and running it inside appdaemon on my HA