Clear User Code/Delete User

Hi everyone, I have a Schlage BE469nxcen Touchscreen Deadbolt lock and I’ve been trying to find a way to clear user code/delete user but it never work. I also tried to set it to all 0, like some posts had mentioned. Instead of deleting, it just set the code to 0. Is anyone having the same issue as I?

I’m having the same issue. I also can’t use “get user code”, I’ve been trying for about 6 months but no luck

This appears to be a universal issue (Schlage Connect ZWave Locks). I have also not been able to clear codes on my BE469NXCEN.

This lock will not return the actually usercode and will return asterisks “\x2a” if a code is set for that user code or empty “\x00” (sometimes followed by 2 asterisks). (

Thanks, it stopped polling my lock randomly without updating hassio, so I tried unpairing everything and trying again, for I keep getting this error: Error, Node002, ERROR: Dropping command, expected response not received after 1 attempt(s)
Tried every combination of the network keys with options.xml and in my config, but no luck. Factory resetting the z stick didn’t work (it can add them but it can’t tell the state and keeps showing the sensors and then removing them). I’m trying to flash a new install of hassio and restore from a backup to see if that helps

Also have the BE469, can set codes fine, but can’t delete/clear them. Also showing *** for cods, and x2a if set. It’d be awesome to figure out why.

Some people have reported that they are using a workaround to clear user codes. Instead of clearing the user code they just set it to 0000. Some say that the code of 0000 will not open the door, but my locks are happy to store and use a code of 0000. I guess the best workaround we have available is to set the code to a random number or some code that you don’t tell anyone as a means to disable the current code in given slot.

Anyone have an update on this. I’ve tried everything and I have the same experience as others. I can set a code, getting returns ******* or nothing and I can’t clear. Setting 0000 as a code allows that code to unlock the door. I really don’t want to put it back on SmartThings.

I have a network key and I paired secure but I see the following in my OWZ_Log - Received DoorLock report: DoorLock is Unsecure

Do you have a schlage lock?

There is a known issue. I did use this updated code, and it works, but it has not officially been added to the master branch yet for open-zwave. The only other option at this point is still to put in a known to you only (or random code) for those slots you want to “clear”

Yeah, it’s a Schlage. Hmm, any idea when that merge will happen? If its’s going to be awhile I might go ahead and try out the branch.

I dont think its going to merge any time soon. I’ve been using the branch for a couple months without issue so far.

Sorry for not responding earlier. So I pull the open-zwave branch and compile it. That seems straightforward enough. How do I integrate it into hassio and are there any considerations I should be aware of?

I’m not strong on hassio. I am running HA in a python VM. As far as considerations, I cannot think of any downsides to my branch. When I read through the comments on the issue, it looked like there might be some dev disagrement on how to best clear user codes, but this works, and I have had zero issues.

I’ve been thinking about moving HA to my docker server and getting off Hassio on my pi but I’ve never gotten around to it. From what I can tell, I can’t use my own version of open-zwave running Hassio, I’d have to switch. Now I just need to find some free time.

Do you have a tutorial on how to use that branch via docker? I’d like to use that branch but don’t know how. Any pointers would be appreciated.

I’m not using docker, so I dont have a lot of experience for you. I think if you read back through this post

You should find examples of people using docker.