Click doesn't work in UI. Tap does. Wait. What? Yes!

Yes. 0.83.2 (latest).
Anyone has an idea?

I don’t have any idea what you are asking.

I upgraded to latest 0.83.2.
In lovelace UI - I can’t click any element inside picture-elements or glance. Checked Chrome and FF (which looks totally garbled). Cleared cache, etc’… Touching it on my laptop’s touch display works.
Sounds crazy but this is how it is.

…yep, fairly sure there isn’t a question in that gibberish thread title… :joy:

Does ANYONE search the forum before posting new threads?.. this has been brought up already. From what I read it’s an issue that only seems to show up on Win10.

Yes Win10. There has been an issue raised for it.

I very much doubt it from what I can see.

Shame on me. But actually I’m not sure I would have found it. for me tap works because I’m used to a touch screen on my laptop. Mobile also works fine. It’s click that doesn’t work…

Just for reference - works in 0.84.6