ClientID of integrated MQTT

Hi there all,
someone can tell me if it’s possible to change the MQTT ClientID
of integrated MQTT in Hassio please ?

Thanks in advance

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Nope. Why?

Cause I have some problem with some MQTT topics
and every time that I reload the integrated Hassio MQTT
it take another ClienID and on the large log files (debug)
every time I must looking to the MQTT connection in order to find the ClientID.

Before was easy (MQTT declared in configuration.yaml)
cause there was an option like “client_id: home-assistant”
With the integrated MQTT I didn’t find.

The other reason is that usually every MQTT client (Tasmota, NodeMCU, ESP32 etc…)
have an option to set the MQTT ClientID,
so I think will be beautiful to have it also in the integrated MQTT :slight_smile:


Request it here:

Also it has not been called hassio for a year now.

Ok thanks a lot … I just made a request
How Home Assistant is named now please ? …just HASS ?

Thanks again

Home Assistant is a home automation operating system for your home. And to make this message clear, we’re renaming to Home Assistant