Climate entity clears setpoint and shut off KNX thermostat

So, the basis of my smart home is a KNX system. I’ve got wall switches with built-in thermostats in every room.
I’ve got everything configured in Home Assistant via the KNX integration as follows:

    - name: bathroom
      target_temperature_address: 2/1/0
      on_off_address: 2/4/0
      temperature_address: 6/2/1
      target_temperature_state_address: 3/1/0
      on_off_state_address: 3/2/0
      operation_mode_state_address: 3/4/1

The operation mode is moot, but I’ve got the group address set up. The boiler actually is in a ‘dumb’ state. It gets a signal to supply heat when at least one of the valves is open.

The problem comes when the room reaches the temperature setpoint.

In KNX it works as follows: setpoint is set at target temperature > thermostat heats until target is reached and will keep the temperature around the target by closing/opening the valves and sending a signal to the boiler to heat when needed.

Home Assistant does the following: setpoint is set > thermostat heats until setpoint temperature is reached > Home Assistant SHUTS OFF the Climate entity (and thus the KNX thermostat) > setpoint is cleared.
The thermostat is never turned back on unless a new setpoint is set that’s higher then the room temperature.

I don’t understand why the HA Climate entity behaves this way. If I want a room a certain temperature, I don’t want it there for a second and then never again.

Have I set this up wrong?

Can you list which GA does what in your system?
The climate entity normally doesn’t send anything without user interaction (except for read requests).
Did you maybe assign the valve controlling on-off GAs to on_off_address?

Wow, I feel like an idiot.
I’ve been re-ordening GA’s in ETS, but had not updated them in the KNX config yaml.
Below are the respective addresses and their current function. I’ve also added the corrections.

target_temperature_address:         2/1/0   Sets setpoint in KNX thermostat
on_off_address:                     2/4/0   Switches KNX thermostat On/Off
temperature_address:                6/2/1   Current room temperature
target_temperature_state_address:   3/1/0   State of the KNX Thermostat (WRONG: should be state of the current setpoint 3/0/0)
on_off_state_address:               3/2/0   State of KNX control valve (WRONG: should be state of thermostat 3/1/0)
operation_mode_state_address:       3/4/1   Does not exist (should be zone 1 'radiators' operating mode 3/3/1)

I’ll update and report back should there be any issues.

thanks for the help!