Climate integration for intesishome via airconwithme leads to entities in state "not available"

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to get my mitsubishi heavy air conditioner to work with my Home Assistant instance.

I’m running a vm on my nas using the following release:

Home Assistant 2023.6.1
Supervisor 2023.06.1
Operating System 10.2
Frontend 20230608.0 - latest

It is working for the last year without any problem and I was able to get several integrations to work, so it is not a fresh installation.

I searched the forum and found the following article:

which leads me to the following integration documentation:

I’ve added the lines in my configuration.yaml and restartet my ha instance.
my configuration section:

  - platform: intesishome
    username: myusername
    password: mypassword
    device: airconwithme

Afterwards my instance listed my device under entities. Therefore I assume that the connection to airconwithme api itself was succesful, but I am not able to use it in any kind. It is marked with a red exclamation mark with tooltip text “not available”. Dashboard card shows message “not available”, too.

I cannot find any error in logs or somewhere else.
Did I miss something in general or is it not working correctly?

Kind regards,

Found log entries in file /config/home-assistant.log:

2023-06-12 12:06:47.131 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.climate] Setup of climate platform intesishome is taking over 10 seconds.
2023-06-12 12:07:26.922 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.bootstrap] Waiting on integrations to complete setup: climate.intesishome
2023-06-12 12:08:26.988 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.bootstrap] Waiting on integrations to complete setup: climate.intesishome
2023-06-12 12:08:49.308 ERROR (MainThread) [pyintesishome] Connection to failed with exception [Errno 110] Connect call failed ('', 8210)

After opening the port 8210 for my home assistant vm in my firewall, it works.
Maybe it would be great to find the port information on the integration documentation page.

I am experiencing the same issue. But my HA is running on a Intel NUC. Do you have a idea how i can fix that port issue?

Home Assistant 2023.7.3
Supervisor 2023.07.1
Operating System 10.3
Frontend-versie: 20230705.1 - latest