Climate update added effort

I do think the climate update looks alot better however, I can no longer turn it on and off on the main screen. I need to go to the main screen then select the on/off climate option from the mode.
I do think this would be much better if a press in the center would overcome this issue.

Read the release note. The answer is right there.

We took it one step further and added support for features. Features are additional functionality that you can add to a card, previously only available for the tile card. This release adds support for features to the thermostat card as well!

Screenshot that shows the new features available when configuring a thermostat card.

For the thermostat card, it allows you to add HVAC mode buttons and presets. By default, these features are hidden, giving it the cleanest look possible.

You can’t see (or configure) those in the default dashboard, only the custom ones, so I wouldn’t really call it “solved”.

I reported that here Bring back HVAC mode buttons to the new climate cards in the default dashboard

I don’t know why someone closed my post without any explanation. It definitely isn’t “solved” since I’m talking specifically about the default dashboard there.

A global features configuration option for the default dashboard would be the best option in my opinion

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I agree, I also mostly use the default and I’m missing the buttons. Also I don’t understand why the target and actual temperatures were swapped. The BIG number should be the actual temperature, not the target… seems illogical :frowning: